Dawdee is a rival to Doddy. Dawdee is like Doddy, except Dawdee likes dancing, and Doddy doesn't know how. For some reason, Dawdee looks like one of the Teletubbies, yet he is not a Teletubby or even a Telotub. He's a Teletubby-like creature of unknown species...

Dawdee hates Doddy and tried to mutilate him many times because he's angry that Doddy's famous and he's not. He is a loser. Dawdee is smart just like Dipsy. Dipsy teaches him everything he knows, which makes him smart.Tinky Winky Likes to beat him up just for the heck of it.

He is also the creator of Fruits like Apples, Bannanas and the Annoying Orange.This is why Doddy hates him, because he created Candee. So he banned it for copyright infringement. Unlike Doddy, Dawdee is not a former Teletubby.For Some reason,He always gets killed by Laa-Laa through his stupidity. Dawdee is a lighter blue than his rival without an antenna. He is most often found hanging out with WaMr. L.

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