Dask is a giant mutant but friendly version of Koolasuchus. It can shrink to the size of a dog or grow to the size of its arch enemy, Jurassic Turtle. He was made in Australia, which is one of the only places that wasn't destroyed before Dask.


It encountered the Turtle a year after it hatched. It took the battle underwater so it wouldn't harm anyone. The turtle drowned and it won.


It resembles a big huggable version of Pappy. Many clones have been produced from it, each with a special trait:

List of clones


A creature known as Uber Dask killed it, but he was revived. Later on, Dask, most of his clones, and a bunch of other guys had to fight a monstrously powerful reborn of Uber Dask known as Koolasuchus Transcended.

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