Sighting #2. Found during The Bikini Bottom War.

Creepy Log Cabin

Creepy Log Cabin

Rare video of the supposed office.

​ Darwin Watterson's Office 
is a terrifying office/house owned by Darwin Watterson. It was originally a day care for young children till it was burned down and everyone died. It's location is said to be atop the largest mountain in Bikini Bottom while, others speculate it does not exist.

Sighting #1. Found by Bubble Bass before, he went missing.

However, it is hidden deep in the Bikini Bottom Jungle meaning few have even seen it.

Darwin and Gumball both live in there and post political and important things inside there.

How To Find It

To Find It follow these steps.

-Go behind Patricks house and go 4000 miles straight.

-Get lost in Bikini Bottom Jungle.

-Most Likely die due to starvation.

And there you go!


When Darwin found this back in 1154 he decided to make it his office. So he skinned everyone in there and made a fur coat out of the people. During the Bikini Bottom war about, 50,000 soldiers and slaves found the place but, ultimately went missing. Darwin also has met The Lou, Hungry Pumkin, and even Hank Hill here before he died. 

The Place has 0 pictures besides the one Bubble Bass took before he went missing. Thousands believe it's no more than a hoax besides the dozens of hints. Will it finally be proven? Nobody knows, but we do. One of the staff members house lives right next to it and says the lawnmower is too loud.

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