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Just who the hell is he?

Dark Ducky's Theme

Dark Ducky's Theme

It will overpower even Guile's theme.

Dark Ducky is Ducky's mysterious rival. He fought for Hyrule during the 2nd Ducky War, before vanishing for a time and continuing his rivalry with Ducky following their duel in Kakariko Village.

No one knows where Dark Ducky comes from, only that he appears very similar to Ducky, with a goatee and sporting a pair of very fancy sunglasses.

He is shown to be Ducky's equal in power, matching Ducky's kill quack with his own at one point, and is able to withstand the might of a FUS RO DAH.

Dark Ducky first appeared during the massacre at Kakariko Village. Ducky unleashed a Kill Quack at the defenders, which Dark Ducky matched with his own killing everyone on both sides except them. Bongo Bongo then escaped, prompting Dark Ducky to end their duel early to chase after the monster and kill it too.

Following the end of the war, Dark Ducky faded into mystery, a hero to some, a nightmare to others. He fought with Ducky countless more times, killing countless people purely by accident, though their rivalry has never been brought to a decisive conclusion.

No one knows where he is now, but Ducky actively hunts him. Sometimes random bags of money show up on the doorstep of houses of poor families, hospitals and orphanages, with notes from Dark Ducky telling them to never lose hope.

He is also rumored to be your father.

His theme music overrides every other theme...even real life.

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