Dan Vs 1x01 Dan Vs New Mexico

Dan Vs 1x01 Dan Vs New Mexico

Dan vs. New Mexico. With Mexican subtitles. The irony.

Daniel Vernon Smilelittle is a guy who lives in San Fransisco, in UnAmerica. He hates pretty much everything except himself, getting revenge, his cat, Mr. Mumbles, usually his best friend Chris, and sometimes Chris' girlfriend Elise. Dan is constantly trying to get revenge on things he hates, and usually makes Chris help him. He has been tear gassed and maced so many times he is now immune to them both, and claims mace to be "Tangier". He has been thrown into The German Prison OVER 9000 times, but always escapes.


Dan was born on October 31st, 1975. Little is known about Dan's childhood, as it caused a therapist to run away screaming. Dan was mainly raised by TV, and his parents were tricked by a supervillain dentist into getting him a root canal as a child. His parents were divorced when he was young, and he hasn't seen his father since. He went to the Summer Camp Camp Atrocious, were his first recorded revenges took place, and was also were he befriended Chris somehow. He got his pet cat, Mr. Mumbles, while attempting to blow up a Rescue Shelter.

Things Dan has tried to get revenge on

  • New Mexico
  • Wolfman (who was actually just some kid in a costume)
  • A Rescue Shelter
  • A Barber Shop
  • An identity theif
  • A family camping trip
  • A burger joint
  • A family Thanksgiving
  • His neighbors
  • A Bank
  • A Gym
  • A Convinience Store.
  • Chris
  • Anger Management
  • His Boss
  • A Mechanic
  • A High School Reunion
  • Art
  • Traffic
  • A DMV
  • The Common Cold
  • Jury Duty
  • A ninja
  • A dentist
  • A superhero called Terrifi-Guy
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