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Princess Daisy The 139048306730685th
Evil daisy.png
Daisy demonstrating her powers by killing peach.
Gender: Female
Hair color: Evil
Eye color: Deadly Blue
Species: Flower
Human (True form)
Home: Grass
Death: NEVER.
AKA: Killer Flower
Likes: Plasma
Dislikes: Peach
Education: Learned how to be evil
Occupation: Killing everyone with her powers
Known For: Killing Laa-Laa on her 16th birthday
UnRank: 999,999,999

Princess Daisy in her flower form, holding a plasma.

Daisy is Luigi's girlfriend and Peach's identical twin that somehow looks different. Lets Just say, She's crazy out of her mind. She replaced Peach during the Videogame War. She also has a bitter rivalry with The Devil. She hates Mario.

She is as evil as every bad word you know (and some you don't know). She secretly wishes to become the Queen of Koridai the Mushroom World so she can enslave its inhabitants. She is so evil, that once she went into Toad Town with a plasma and didn't stop shooting until EVERY LAST INHABITANT was dead.

Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that the goal of Super Mario 129 will be to kill her. She will appear in upcoming shame Super Princess Daisy, where the aim of the game is to take over the whole of the planet and enslave everyone.

At one point, Daisy was drafted by the Association of Board Hosts.

At another point, she got turned into a plant by Donkey Kong Jr, but she found a Plasma and killed him, thus reverting her into a human. She later got killed by King Singalong in Paper Mario 5, yet Shigeru Miyamoto revived her with the Revival Machine, without Napoleon Bonaparte's permission. She then joined the Cheese Squadron, but was soon killed by Sqeegee.

Although she was a mass-murder, she never killed any important people. (except 7)

Mario Tag Stats

  • Speed: OVER 9000!!!!/5
  • Jump: 1/5 (affected by gravity)
  • Special ability: OVER 9000!!!!/5
  • Lifes: 0/OVER 9000!!!!