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For the Daedric gods, see Daedra.

The Daedric Army is an army of gods, demi-gods, and mortals gathered by Daedric god Sheogorath. They are currently the national guard of Skyrim. The Daedric Army is often used whenever Sheogoarath wants stuff shot/destroyed/obliterated. The Daedric Army is about 70% Daedric, and 30% human.

The Daedric Army was first formed in 1374 when Sheogorath randomly decided he wanted a bunch of evil minions doing whatever he says. He gathered people from the Daedric Demension and from Earth. He then commanded them all to milk cows so he could make cheese! The Daedric Army realized their leader was nuts, and refused. He then gave them the new job of pillaging small villages.

When the Skyrim Civil War broke out, Sheogorath laughed at the fools. Eventually he got bored and sent the Daedric Army in to kill everyone. Once they did, he took over as King of Skyrim. Now the Daedric Army kind of just hangs out and plays cards all day.

In fact, the only time the Daedric ever didn't play cards in the past several hundred years was when Squeegee attacked them. Initially, he just wanted to play too. But they didn't let him because he was ugly, so he gathered all of the Fakegees and a bunch of random stupid people, and they attacked. What the fool didn't realize was that the Daedric Army had several gods on its side. Squeegee lost within the day.

Notable Members


  • Sheogorath (leader)
  • Sanguine (second in command)
  • Mehrunes Dagon
  • Boethiah
  • Zeus (honorary member)
  • Various Daedric Beasts