A typical DUMBST clock at 176:7199 c.m.

Dancing Umbrellas and Monkey's Bananas Standard Time (often shortened to DUMBST) (also known as UnTime)is a time zone used in certain areas around the UnWorld. It is very different from most time zones, but it is still awesome.

DUMBST was first invented in China as far back as 1994. This was back before fireworks were invented (they had those lame things that shot up into the air and exploded in colorful sparks, but they didn't have REAL fireworks, like the ones that will EXPLODE). DUMBST was made because some guy wanted to confuse people, so he invented this to do it. But China didn't adopt this time zone, so he got mad ans stormed off.

DUMBST is considered one of the stupidest ideas ever, even stupider than SOPA, which is REALLY stupid.

How It Works

In this clock, there are ten thousand minutes in an hour, and one thousand hours in an "m". There are twenty-four "m"s in a day. Minutes and hours are notably shorter in this time zone. This time zone is good for people who don't like the regular time zones, because this really mixes it up. Other than that, it really is pointless and stupid.

Countries Known to Use DUMBST

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