D is a member of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. He is a guy who likes video games and soda for some reason. He is also usually very happy; no one knows why.

D is known for doing weird things, that many would describe as "dumb". He is also known for teaming up with X to make weird faces. D is weird, but we aren't sure why. Maybe we should ask Albert Einstein. Or maybe Homer Simpson. We need more smart people like them.

Did you know that the Earth does not have many smart people left? For every smart person in our little UnWorld, there are 372395 dumb people. The only exception is Chuck Norris. Everyone he talks to is super-smart until he walks away. Of course, if you see Chuck Norris, you are likely to die within the next few seconds, so this doesn't matter.

It is believed Chuck Norris kills people with either a Weegee stare, or an Epic Blast. We just know that seeing his is a bad thing. And don't go looking for him, because you won't find him. He'll find you, and kill you, and then he'll kill your corpse.

Corpses are actually... wow, we really got off topic there, didn't we? Anyways, D is a letter.

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