Cyrax is a poop-eating alien and is good friends with Mr. Alien and the King. Sometimes he gives his fat minions poop to drink and eat for DINNER and then flushes soap down a toilet that connects to Porky's SAFE THINGY BOB so Porky has to deal with soap everywhere in there.


He attacks by POOPING AND PEEING on his enemies, if often makes guppies explode but he also eats people and spits them into the toilet connected to Porky and will often try and murder Mario at random times.


If you wanna find this pop eating thingy you will need to go to Tank 5 after passing Poop highway and Cyrax should be eating poop and spitting soap into the Toilet connected to Porky. If you try to attack you will either be pooped and peed on in a toilet going to Porky or get murdered by a random Flying Chicken

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