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Cynder, an ex-Satanist dragon.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Silver horns
Eye color: Teal
Species: Dragon
Home: Unknown current residence, but formerly resided in the Satanist Empire
Death: Executed by Googolplex in the Satanist Empire
Likes: Hexes (Formerly)
Dislikes: Satanism (Nowadays)
UnRank: 2,413

Cynder is a dragon who is a part of the Satanist Empire. She also makes a ton of hexes.

After Cynder joined with Googolplex and the rest of his minions. She planned an invasion of hexes upon Spyro and his friends.

You may not know this, but someone actually mistaken her for Spyro, just some FYI.

Spyro told Cynder what she was doing wrong and that all of the hexes she was making were a bad choice, so she then rebelled against Googolplex and the rest of the Satanist Empire.

Speaking of Spyro, she and Spyro eventually got married and admits he's better than Salamence of the Teletubby Land.

She was then executed by one of the other members of the Satanist Empire known as Googolplex due to betrayal against the Satanist Empire. They were in a huge fight, Googolplex won, and took her back there for execution.

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