Cyborg Kid

Cyborg as a kid.

Cyborg is a retired robot who used to live as a hobo who was hated by everyone except for the Teen Titans. Even his parents hated him (Why he was a hobo).



Early Life

Cyborg's Family

Cyborg's Ugly Family.

Cyborg was born at Build-A-Bot workshop, but nobody wanted to buy him so he became a hobo. He was walking on a street until he met other hobos and made a family and said "Famuleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." Because that's what midget alien robots say.

Cyborg's family got killed by Super Eviler Bowser. Cyborg used the parts of his dead family to become a "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumaaaaaaaaaaaan" as Cyborg said while doing it, and got swag. HE KILLED EVERYONE ON THE STREET AND EVERYTHING BLEW UP AND CYBORG FLEW AWAY FROM THE EXPLOSION AND WAS GONNA LAND ONTO EARTH!

Joining The Teen Titans

The Teen Titans were fighting a few bad guys until Cyborg crashed on the bad guys and created a nuclear explosion that killed them. HE JOINED!

Current Life

Cyborg is now a Teen Titan who kills people for their pizza with Beastboy, and gets drunk while playing video games. He also says BOOYAH BOOYAH BOOYAH too much. Booyah!


  • He hasn't punched a single person ever since he joined the Teen Titans.
  • Cyborg doesn't actually get drunk by playing video games. He has a mechanic called the "This Has To Be A Very Stupid And Long Name So We're Putting This Part Into The Name: Get Super Drunk And Turn People Into Pizza That Makes You Drunk But It's Just A Hallucination So Sorry About Thatinator" that makes him drunk.
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