ZOMG, it's Cyber-Doo!

Gender: Male
Hair color: N/A
Eye color: N/A
Species: Waddle-Doo Cyborg
Death: Indirect Roundhouse Kick, respawned
AKA: Not Cyber-Doo
Likes: Cool guns
Dislikes: Cyber-Dee, Chuck Norris
Education: Not needed
Occupation: Medicore villain
Known For: Respawning after a roundhouse kick
UnRank: 1,000,000
Promotion: Drank a meteor made of Kool-Aid, randomly got Undefeatability

Cyber-Doo is a Waddle-Doo cyborg, created by LulzSec as part of the Nega-Undefeatables, which were created to double the members of the Upper Counsel. He shares DNA with UNDEFINED, the Nega-Undefeatable version of NaN.

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