This article is about the monkey. For the king of Quadrucloptia, see George, for other uses, see George (Disambiguation).

Curious George attempting to be seductive.

Curious George is a formerly stupid monkey (but with no tail) who likes to eat bananas. Unfortunately, he's dead now, so no one cares.

Curious George in his current form.

History[edit | edit source]

Curious George was born when Donkey Kong's hair (and DNA) went into the Wa-Machine along with a can of concentrated FAIL, and George came out. Nobody knew what to do with him until Somebody forcefully gave him to The Man in the Yellow Hat. George went on lots of weird and pointless adventures until he found Chuck Norris Sweat on the ground and drank it and suddenly became super smart. He got a job at Apple and tried to kill Tinky Winky on multiple occasions. Tinky Winky eventually killed him, but then he got brought back to life by Giygas and worked as his servant until Wizardheimer turned him into a cake and sealed him away for eternity in Dimension 9.

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