Crumble crackers

Fimbo looking at his crackers

A Crumble Cracker is a triangle shaped.....biscuit and it's Fimbo's Favourite food. It is dangerous too, as it can turn people into Fimbles just like Tubby Toast can turn people into Teletubbies. it is also stolen sometimes on Fimbo by Rockit, because he's hungry. But rockit eats Apples so it shouldn't matter but there's still Florrie and Pom.Crumble Crackers are magic, as they can disappear automatically before Fimbo gets to eat a single bite.Fimbo goes crazy and kills everyone when that happens.


Crumble Crackers were created when Dipsy was trying to make Dipsy Doodles.The first time Dipsy attempted to make them,he accidentally cooked a triangle and a biscuit, thinking the biscuit was a crisp which made a morph of the two stuff, making Crumble Crackers instead of them Soon, it became popular throughout Europe to Fimble Valley to Hyrule to Teletubby Land. but Dipsy let them go, because it was so popular then. When King Harkinian heard about the food, it replaced DINNER, Which made King harkinian very angry. He destroyed it with a Dinner Blaster.Now, it is no longer popular in Hyrule.


  • 2 Spoons of Sugar (optional)
  • a triangle
  • Biscuit (Weathers)
  • 1 Cup of Flour

and there you go! enjoy your cracker.

Wasn't this page supposed to be about sandwiches? Oh well.

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