The dark, bloodstained lands of the Crimsonverse. Notice the humongous skeleton in the background, more than likely one of Crimson's victims.

An unholy land beyond saving... you should never, ever come here. If "Top 20 Places You Will Die At" was revamped, the Crimsonverse would be at 0. It is ruled by Crimson, the most malicious, evil being to ever live. There are a lot of Multiverses, and inside those, Universes, within the Crimsonverse, although most of them are extremely similar because Crimson wanted it that way.


NaN and Crimson seem to have a history in most Omniverses. In most of these, NaN is the omnipotent goddess with absolute power over absolutely everything, and likewise Crimson is the ultimate evil. And again, in most of these, NaN is born first. She was well aware that Crimson would be a huge threat were he to come into existence, and so NaN kills off Crimson immediately before he can grow stronger, and doesn't tell anyone about it.

However, the Crimsonverse was different. This time around, Crimson was born first. Being the evil douche that he is, he killed NaN while she was still a weaker larva. Until she respawned. So Crimson killed her again and again, getting more aggravated each time... until one time, she didn't respawn. Crimson, absorbing NaN's glitch powers (which were still weak, so he didn't get much) had established absolute power in his own omniverse.

For a while, Crimson let his omniverse, which he named after himself, grow, making it quite similar to many other omniverses (however, he also immediately killed and absorbed the powers of anyone he suspected was too powerful). Eventually, Crimson made his move, revealing himself and seizing complete control. He slaughtered immeasurable numbers and tortured everyone else. A few tried to stand up to him, but everyone else stopped trying after they ended up murdered so violently we're not allowed to go into detail here. He altered the lands, made them nightmarish and bloodied. Crimson made sure that all in his omniverse would at least bow down in fear upon hearing his name.

Basically, in short, this isn't a place you would want to go to for a vacation.


  • The Crimsonverse is growing. Using his alliance, the Four Bringers of the Apocalypse, Crimson has with ease conquered entire multiverses, and annexed them into the Crimsonverse, making them fall into anarchy and become just as evil as the rest of the omniverse. It's quickly become one of the largest omniverses, and easily the most evil.
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