Crime in Teletubby Land is the 33th episode of the famous TV Show Teletubbies.
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It opens to Dipsy bored.He then goes to the Police to become a cop to occupy his time. They successfully do it.Meanwhile, Laa-Laa is getting annoyed by Humbah, so she kills her.Laa-Laa kills Humbah, then kills SpongeBob SquarePants,Fred Durst,Cookie Monster,etc. Dipsy walks up to Tinky-Winky and Po, who are taking turns on Po's motorcycle. Dipsy then sees that Po threw litter on the ground. Dipsy then arrests and eventually assassinates Po. While he is taking Po to The German Prison,Tinky winky accidentally coughs. He then arrests Him too.

Meanwhile,Laa-Laa is killing more people. She kills Patrick Star now that SpongeBob is dead. She then hears Squidward cheering and kills him too. She kills Mario and Luigi and Peach.She continues to kill people like Noo-Noo and the other Boohbah, and eventually kills Dipsy.Then she kills people in German prison.The episode ends with Laa-Laa being the only survivor.


Chrildren loved this episode because of Laa-Laa shooting OVER 9000 people.Parents don't like it because of Dipsy arresting Tinky Winky and Po.

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