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He looks innocent, but he's actually a nuclear-mutated... thing.

Cricket Green is the leader of the Big City Greens, a gang with connections to The Loud House.


Cricket used to be a normal 10-year-old boy living in Big City, located in upstate New York. Then, one fateful day in 2003, around the same time the writer of this article was born, the Teletubbies dumped their nuclear waste in Big City, causing the residents to mutate and acquire weird skin colours. This also slowed down their aging process to the same level as the Loud Siblings, and made them respawnable.

Cricket and his sister, Tilly, formed the Big City Greens after being inspired by Lincoln Loud's evil organization and terrorist cell known as The Loud House. Cricket made a deal with Lincoln to acquire some of the Loud House's older weapons, as Lisa had made upgraded weapons that made the old weapons obsolete. This was the start of the longstanding relationship between the Big City Greens and the Loud House.

Cricket always fucks everything up wherever he goes, and has caused millions of UnDollars in property damage. Like Luan Loud, he also makes really lame pranks.

Like the Louds, he and his family have a propaganda cartoon, but it's on the Didney channel, because Nickelodeon banned him for life after he "accidentally" destroyed their headquarters. It horribly distorts the facts to make the Greens look like the good guys, and Chip Whistler (who wants to expose the Greens as being terrorists) look like the bad guy.


  • Cricket's catchphrase, "Bingo Bango!", is Squadala for "Hail Satan!".