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Not to be confused for an Imposter, which is some thing that looks like the Crewmates species pretending to be a Human.

You can count on him! Or her, or whatever the heck this thing actually is. Because we don't know!
Scientific name: Susium benignus
Hair color: Varies
Eye color: Glass
Habitat: Sweden, Polus, YouTube, Reddit
Natural range: The UnUniverse, and Jupiter and Uranus
Time alive: Unknown, probably older than Humans
Size: 3'6
Edible? Yes, but tastes terrible...
Tastes like: Literally nothing
Preys on: Amogus
Is preyed upon by: The Teletubbies
Intelligence: Good pattern recognition, sometimes enough to detect imposters, however that is very rare.
Conservation status: Somewhat Endangered
Powers: Scum Reading, intelligence

Crewmates are a weird humanoid species from planet Jupiter with detached arms, no heads, but incredibly a neck. Crewmates evolved completely separately to humans but still share the common structure of having legs and a torso. Crewmates are still pretty stupid, not being able to maintain the most simple of structures built by them. They can also be found in the shame Among Us.

Teletubby Involvement

Dipsy one day in Teletubby Land thought it would be a good idea to impersonate one of them to test their intelligence, so he did the standard Teletubby yoga exercise of regressing his head and legs into his torso, and for months no Crewmate noticed the increasing amount of Spaghetti that went missing. This disguising and evilness worked so well that the other Teletubbies copied him, and started infiltrating Crewmate living spaces. Then Laa-Laa started killing everyone, drawing the attention of every single Teletubby, who'd all try to making this species go extinct in the most stupid ways possible.

Crewmates around the galaxy would hear the news that the Teletubby Army was army was after them. Asplode Asplode Tinky Winky was the worst of them. And worst of all, he could be any one of us... Luckily, they had a friend on the inside, because Horrortime tubby didn't give a crap about them and as such kinda protects them due to his habit of eating his fellow Teletubbies.


  • They have hands, but they aren't attached.
Louie.png Louie's Notes

You might as well serve greasy cardboard, but that's good if you have enemies. Cut into steaks, remove the bone, and microwave for 5 minutes. Serve it to your foes and watch them violently cough it out. They'll never see it coming!