Cream was a magical substance created by Dr. Jack Bellifer. It solved all of the UnWorld's problems, It cured everything, made people smarter, cleaned everything, and could also be used to duplicate anything. It regenerated itself infinitely. It temporarily turned the UnWorld into a peaceful utopia for about a week. However, the fast food companies didn't like it being used to duplicate their food, so they got the media to start a smear campaign against it, leading it to be banned, almost all of it to be destroyed, and its creator to be MeToo'ed. It was forgotten for years and years, until the Ducky Empire got hold of the last remaining Cream during Kittehlandia World War LV. They used it as their secret weapon to duplicate soldiers, weapons, and pretty much everything else. Later, other countries got hold of it and used it to duplicate their own soldiers and weapons, causing Kittehlandia World Wars LVI through C.

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