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" Because i'm CRAZZZZYYYY!!! "
  —Crazy Dave, because he's crazy

Crazy Dave is one of the biggest idiots to roam Neighborville. He appears in his very own shame, Zombies VS Plants.

He is one of the worlds best shopkeepers in the UnUniverse, only behind Morshu, because of how dumb Crazy Dave is, normal people have an IQ of 85 or 114, but Crazy Dave has an IQ of 2 because he didn't even go to

Crazy Dave
Crazy Dave.png
All of his twiddydinkies are priced to move!
Gender: Male
Hair color: You don't know, because he has a pot on his head!
Eye color: Black
Age: 34
Species: (*Idiotic*) Human
Death: Eaten by Rose, but respawned
Likes: Selling stuff, hunting squirbos and breaking vases
Dislikes: Zombies, Rose and Solar Flare
Education: None
Alignment: Neutral
UnRank: 29

school! All he did in his childhood was play shames.

He also owns his very own shop, known as Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies, which sells stuff such as mutated plants, pool cleaners, a tree that provides wisdom, a zen garden, a roof cleaner, a repair kit for Wall-Nuts, marigolds and GARDENING GLOVES??? Yeah, why is Crazy Dave so stoopid?


  • Despite not being an Undefeatable, Crazy Dave is immune to Weegee's stare.
  • He is also immune to the effects of Pie and the word DIE.