This is the box art of the shame.

Crash Bandicoot Clones Himself Racing is yet another shame in the Crash Bandicoot Clones Himself series. It is about the idiot Crash Bandicoot cloning himself while in a go-kart, which is arguably the stupidest thing one could do in a go-kart. It was released for the Play Station 2 and the Xbox, but the Xbox copy is just a copy of Halo: Combat Devolved with CRASH written on it in blood. Unfortunately, it has a sequel: Crash Clones Himself Adventures.


Crash Bandicoot, bored of eating lotsa waffles all day, decides to hold another Mario Kart race. However, while going to Tawna's Castle he fell down a stream. Then he starts driving around for no reason, trying to beat Neo Cortex in a race to win the grand prize of $4 and a bottle of Juice.

The Crash Clones

All from 1996-2008.

The Coco Clones

All from 1997-2008.

The Crunch Clones

All from 2001-2008.

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