Cranky Kong's Social Media account is very, "professional" in spawning Internet memes.

Cranky Kong is so far the oldest of any of the Monkey Creatures. He is the greater than great ancestor of Donkey Kong and former husband to Wrinkly Kong who died of This Person Thinks He Or She Is A Monorail. He was around back when kids didn't eat gross things for likes on the Internet, the core of our entire existence, he somehow survives without being hooked on to it, instead, he has to take a vaccination every week to survive.

Eventually, he ended up becoming so old that he got Rainbowitis, he somehow survived, but ended up being paralysed and is now restricted to a machine he controls with his mind, which also has access to Social Media so he can form a new generation of memes.

Cranky with his Do Re Mi cold cash

Cranky Kong eventually inherited Wrinkly Kong's money and uses it to buy his all-time favorite food, Chewy Chews. You will often see him spending all of his Do Re Mi cold cash on this stuff, he has so much money he even has an attack where he throws a pile in the air to squash people.

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