Cloth earth lbp1

Craftworld floating around.

Craftworld is a cloth planet located in the Imagisphere, and is blooming with creative ideas, day and night, it is where Sackfolk live, among other odd critters. This planet has a sea of demin AND water, and a My Moon and Info Moon orbit it.

Craftworld is the oldest place in the Imagisphere, first made when Chuck Norris was making a replica of the UnWorld, and decided to give it life with his superpowers. The sackfolk were ragdolls, hardcore ones that were able to fit with Chuck Norris' cactus pacifier, since Chuck Norris is awesome, he gave them the remarkable power of the Popit before sending them on their way.

Every few billion years or something, Carnivilia will get so close to Craftworld's orbit that the gravitational forces react with each other, guess how much chaos that causes. Bunkum isn't so far away from Craftworld either, but Chuck Norris gave the two some space with his death threats.

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