Noisestorm - Crab Rave Monstercat Release-2

Noisestorm - Crab Rave Monstercat Release-2

This was the first-ever documentation of what was going on during the last Crab Rave.

The Crab Rave is a very special, mysterious event that only happens on one day once every few thousand years, although no one is completely sure. The last known occurrence was on April 1st, 2018. Each event cannot be stopped for its duration and is extremely destructive. Since the last occurrence, much more is known about this gathering.


So far what is known to be going on during the Crab Rave, is several thousand crabs gathering on an undocumented island after extremely harsh storms. The crabs then proceed to dance in very odd manners. These dances proceed to radiate one of the most powerful known forces the UnUniverse has ever known, making the crabs untouchable and causing catastrophic destruction and misfortune everywhere. Luckily, not only does it happen very rarely, it only lasts a few minutes.

A crab shown here during the Crab Rave. The photographer didn't have a very good camera.

Origins and Explanation

No one knows when the Crab Rave began, although it is assumed to be a truly ancient tradition, due to numerous, short intervals of abnormal disaster throughout time. However, until the last Crab Rave, no one knew where these brief cataclysms were coming from. Similarly, no one knows why such a powerful force is created by a bunch of crabs simply dancing. What is seemingly the best guess is that this energy comes from the island itself, but is only activated by a few thousand crustaceans moving weird movements with their legs. The island isn't actually alive, it just has tons of energy. Even the lower Undefeatables have trouble matching the power emitted from the Crab Rave.


Good luck. VERY VERY few people have ever found this island, and most times they never know what the Crab Rave is since it doesn't usually happen. The only known person who can find this unnamed island easily is Chuck Norris, because he's Chuck Norris. But of course, you are not Chuck Norris. So yeah, good luck.


  • The original photographer disappeared and is currently unknown. No one knows what happened to this original photographer, though he or she was probably pwned by the crabs after the event ended. The camera was then found by Weegee, and afterwards that footage was shared with the rest of the UnUniverse.
  • After the Crab Rave is over, the participating crabs are simply ordinary crabs. There are no afterward effects of the Crab Rave, besides the destruction.
  • Many unfortunate events have been linked to the Crab Rave, the most notable being the disappearance of Obama, believed to be the original photographer.
  • Dice seem to exert a similar power to the Crab Rave. Hmmmm...
  • Spycrabs aren't allowed to be in the rave.
  • Something about this island seems to be gaining interest in the public. Recently, a scientist figured he could extract the Crab Rave's power. I can only imagine what hell that would bring upon us all...
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