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Counter-Strike is a downloadable shooting shame released by Valve on the computer. It can be played online with your buddies. The Game Master in this game is called [GM]Patrick


After all the n00bs got kicked out of Call of Ducky, they all create an account on this shame called Counter-Strike. On the first room they see an ice cream shaped soldier called ALGIDA. The player was moving wierdly with an m12222s gun, spraying and killing all teh n00bz. Then, some guy called CalltoKill had a POVER9000 Digitgal Camo. and kills the ice cream guy. The ice cream guy returns from the dead with ice cream minions and regular humans have to kill all those ice cream guys. They have to try and kill these guys without being kicked out of Crossfire.


  • Search and destroy-The humans plant a vegetable patch to destroy the ice cream guys, the ice cream guys have to eat the veg without vomiting.
  • Team death match-Humans vs. Ice cream guys.
  • Ghost mode-The humans are invisible so they plant a patch full of mushrooms and the ice cream guys have to eat them before the mushrooms eat them.
  • Free for all-Everyone eats each other.
  • Elimination-Like team death match but people have to wait for the next time.
  • Mutation-Humans and ice cream guys have to run away from the evil mushroom guys before they get eaten.
  • Bowser-Run from Bowser.
  • Escape-Everyone falls into a portal and die.
  • Hero-Like mutation but a random guy turns into weegee and stares at the mushroom guys to death.
  • Zombie-Run from the Mushroom-Weegees and the Ice-Cream zombies. Corniath Bowser tries to destroy you so does Mushmare Wario.
  • HMX-Weegee kills everyone.


  • The person that created this article plays CS.
  • Everyone should play CS.
  • CS is similar to Full-Life, but still, everyone should play it, BECAUSE I SAID SO!
  • The Cyberdemon is a boss somewhere in Counter-Strike: Mutation, but he's a playable character for one person, and that's the REAL Cyberdemon. How? Because he asked for an account online where he can play as himself, but the MODs said no, and he then sent them a threat that they better do it for himself or else he'll raid the studio.
  • The #1 clan on CS is PØwNeÐ.™ because it PWNS all of teh n00bs on CS.