Count the Errors

An infected computer.

Count the Errors is a computer virus invented by Albert Einstein when he got mad at Bill Gates for being almost as smart as him. Einstein decided to create lotsa errors on Bill's computer. The virus was destroyed in about five minutes, but now the Ancient Geeks and Angry Video Game Nerd are sending it to people everywhere. Count the Errors is now one of the most prevalent viruses there are.

How to Fix Count the Errors

The most obvious way to fix it is to avoid it in the first place. If you click on anything that says FREE* anywhere on it, you probably just infected your computer. If you were one of the n00bs that did this, then you must remove it from your computer.

You would probably like to know how to remove this virus from your computer, wouldn't you? But the thing is, the only people who know how to remove it are Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Bob the Builder. Unless you pay one of them OVER 9000 UnDollars, then the only thing you can do is keep closing all of the error messages. They will reopen, but that's not my problem.

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