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Cquote1 Dracula don't suck, he just scrapes and licks! Cquote2
Blackula acting senile

Count Blackula is a vampire who is the black counter part of Dracula. For some reason Blackula thinks he is in fact Dracula, even though he is not.


Blackula was Ben in he early 19th century, and then, when he was 25, he was attacked by Not Voldemort! Boot Voldemort bit him, and infected him with a mild case the T-Virus. It wasn't severe enough for him to become a mindless zombie, (although it is responsible for his dementia), it was just enough to make him have a thirst for blood. In 1840, he met Dracula , and began to idolize him. He tried migrating him so much that began to thing that he was actually Dracula. When Dracula was temporarily defeated by Simon Belmont, Blackula decided that he needed to reconsider his life. In 1960 he moved to Endsville and tried to fit in with the humans. After a while he started to blend in, and by 1970, he adapted most human characteristics and became a funky fresh disco guy. He almost go married, but something happened. Something big, something unspeakable that must never be spoken of, ever. This caused him to become nearly insane, and that is why he is currently living in a retirement home.

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