Cory Baxter

I'm your man!

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black/Brown
Eye color: Brown
Species: Human/Divine
Home: Washington D.C., San Francisco
Death: 2083
AKA: C-Bear
Likes: Screwing Meena/Beyonce

Cory Baxter is an "American Businessman" and future president of the UnUnited States as of 2035, and "the official candidate for having some fun"

Personal Life

Cory was born in 1991 in San Francisco. where he grew up together with his psychic big sister, Raven Baxter. You know, the one who got killed by the other Raven. Already in 2003, he was considered the cool kid in the family, even rigging an alarm system in his bedroom for trespassing parents.

In 2007. His father, Victor, was picked to be the main chef in The White House. Cory moved together with him to Washington D.C. He went to High School there and met Newton Livingston and Meena Paroom. Together, they formed a band named "DC3" where he plays the drums.

Political Career

He chased a political career in 2023, his political ideas lying in the confines of fun, equality and parties for everyone. He was eventually elected as the 47th president of the united states in 2032,

He changed the constitution up a little, changing the "Star Spangled Banner" to his theme song, arranging parties in every state, every Saturday and arranging a peaceful treaty with Russia, making both nations partners out the 21th century.

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