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Sydney is a fork

"Corona Chaos" was an episode of The Echosmith Family Hour. At least one esoteric red pill was dropped in this episode.


The title comes from its setting in Corona, California, but it was probably still predictive programming for the Corona Virus, because it came out the same day that the World Health Organization said that the Wuhan coronavirus did not yet constitute a public health emergency of international concern, although we all know that it did later become a pandemic and cause toilet paper shortages and other supply chain and economic disruptions.

The plot follows directly from the plot of the previous episode, where Sydney Sierota got a pony and Graham Sierota won a gunfight. The former means that the show is propaganda to promote the pony based economy. "Corona Chaos" ended with both siblings winning, so the viewer is supposed to think that everyone can be a winner under Ponynomics.

The immediate context is basically just Sydney and Noah Sierota deciding to have a competition for who is the best P.E. teacher.


The plot is basically Sydney and Noah taking turns (although sometimes the transfers of power involved contrived conflicts) doing demonstrations of aerobics moves so that people behind them can do them. At one point, Sydney did a move called "I am a fork." Sydney and Noah won. Then Graham had a turn, but he demonstrated a strength exercise and not an aerobics.


Reception was overwhelmingly positive, although about a hundred people who go through YouTube disliking every video they come across found it. Few understood the esoteric redpills.


  • This episode featured the hit song "Lose Somebody" by Echosmith.
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