Cooler DBZ

Cooler (full name Cooler Dragon Ball Zooooooooooooooooooooom) is an soldier and strategist for the Satanist Empire in the Pureman Timeline that was assigned to kill Hard Man due to his raw power. He did actually go and try to kill him, but thankfully Jevil stopped it in order to keep Hard Man safe. After seeing his potential Cooler decided to train him for Jevil's force that was in the making at the time in order for the force to partner up with the empire. Well he did do that, but grew more on Hard Man due to him basically being his mentor.

No one has literally heard of him due to how little he does whenever he goes into a battle, he just makes it worse when it's with the Jevil Force. But otherwise he's actually pretty good alone.


His history is actually pretty short, due to him not doing much. All he really did before the fight with Hard Man was just partner up with Fused Zamasu to fight some people on behalf of the Satanist Empire and then he fought Hard Man, afterwards he trained with him and then taught him all of his techniques. After Jevil made his force calling it the Jevil Force, he got Fused Zamasu to join the force as they went out to kill Pureman. How Zamasu died was fully explained by him with it being he used a technique called, "Farewell, May My Will Live On..." which did not work on him. Then Jevil killed him and then Cooler asked him for them to merge with the Satanist Empire. Jevil says no, but still merges with the empire secretly. But whenever they go on vacations, Cooler usually stays back to keep everyone in place. Short, I know.


Cooler always has one thought in his head at a time, and increases strategy on what he's doing. He thinks every move must be plot out carefully in order to win successfully. But besides that, he barely has any other personality traits.


It's the same as his powers in DBZ, just search up the Dragon Ball Wiki. But there is one form that isn't from DBZ.

Jevil Force Armor

His Jevil Force armor is customized with black clubs, but also secretly has a Heck Power Multiplier Kane-Ken in the armor to maximize his power to the fullest and secretly use Kane-Ken x200,000,000,000,000,000,000,001 without the aura. This was his original armor too, but was scrapped.

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