Cool Cool Mountain a very cold, cold place located within the Frost Dimension's Central Heptant's skies, It's so high up that nobody in the UnMultiverse knows how about this place except 9 people. It's actually fairly simple how to get here, just go and manipulate Luigi into telling you!

This is what happens to all the stupid penguins

Mario often comes here to kill penguins who are Stupid to make sure they're all smart and have good taste in music, he also does this to Luigi whenever he sees him here.
SM64DS Cool, Cool Mountain

Mario doing something to the snowman... Get da hint?

Eventually, because of Mario's artificial selection (You know, by killing the diseased and dumb penguins) the penguins became smart enough to start a rebellion against the mustached plumber and murdered him in his sleep. However he just respawned with the 2.5 octodecillion 1-ups he has. Legends say that Mario is killing penguins to this day.

Penguin gun


Wario occasionally stops by for free beer also.

Penguin beer

Free beer!

People who know about this place and know how to get there

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