This page is about the Power of Weakness. This is not about Cookie Monster, the stupid furry thing that eats too many cookies.
Cquote1 Don't eat me! Cquote2
Cookie Person, after someone mistakes her for a regular cookie.
Powers of Weakness

Cookie Person with the Powers of Weakness

Cookie Person is a Power of Weakness. Meaning she is a half god-of-weak-things, and half cookie.


Cookie person was born when someone was baking cookies. He was hungry, so he was making cookies. He made a dozen, and the best cookie, was Cookie Person. He was about to eat her, when the other Powers of Weakness took pity on a stupid cookie. They gave her life, god-like powers, and a spot with them as a Power of Weakness. All because she was a cookie.


Cookie Person is a sugar free sugar cookie. She was made with lemon juice instead of sugar. Also, two of the other ingredients were replaced with wood, and solid gold. That's why she is so weird.


  • Cookie Person is a cookie.
  • She is like a vegetarian, except she doesn't eat grain foods.
  • Her favorite food is cake.
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