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Contra box

The founding members of the Contra Force, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, on the cover of Contra.

The Contra Force is a group of soldiers and war heroes from the future. Led by the legendary Bill Rizer, they are dedicated to stopping the madness of the evil Red Falcon, who is bent on achieving world domination.


The Contra Force was founded by Bill Rizer at the age of 13, when he tried to join the Army but failed due to the fact that he was not old enough. At the enlistment agency, he met another teenage aspiring soldier named Lance Bean, and the two of them decided to make their own splinter group in the Army. Bill taught Lance everything he knew about fighting, which he had learned from Rambo, and Lance managed to pull a few strings and pilfer a helicopter due to family ties with the military. Thus, the two of them founded the Contra Force.

At first, Lance wanted to call their group "Two Men and a 'Copter", but Bill objected, saying that they would have to change their name every time a new member would join the team. Lance agreed that this was tedious, and accepted Bill's request to change the name of their group to "Contra Force". This was because "Contra" means "Against" in Latin, and the whole point of the Contra Force was to go AGAINST Red Falcon and his evil forces. Thus, a new resistance was born, ready to fight Red Falcon and his minions. Bill and Lance's timing could not have been more fortunate, because the entire Army was taken over and brainwashed by Red Falcon.


  • Bill Rizer: Founding member and leader of the Contra Force. Joined at the age of 13 and has served for 20 years. Also called "Mad Dog".
  • Lance Bean: Founding member and second-in-command. Joined alongside Bill Rizer and provided a helicopter as well as two robotic doubles. Also called "Scorpion".
  • Probotectors: Robot doubles of Bill and Lance, stolen from the Army. Shipped to Russia to defend it when Bill and Lance were at war in the US.
  • Lucia: A cyborg who joined the team much later than anyone else. Eventually turned evil.
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