Colgate logo

Colgate's marketing scams did not work well.

Colgate is a dog food company that makes tooth paste. Their mascot is Dr. Rabbit, because rabbits know a lot about tooth paste.


Colgate uses trickery to sell their products. They use Dr. Rabbit to brain wash children into doing Colgate's bidding. The children that do not obey Colgate, then Dr. Rabbit eats them. They were sued by Edgar Schneider for child neglect. Dr. Rabbit then fled the country for Rio de Janeiro, and the charges were dropped.

Discovery of "Toothpaste"

Dr. Van Nostrand was trying to create a new substance that could kill raccoons. He couldn't find enough poison to kill a raccoon, so he threw out everything related to this idea. This compound was then discovered by the CEO of Colgate. He put mint in the compound and sold it as toothpaste.


Today Colgate is lead by CEO Tory Sticklerwho has taken the company to new levels of evil. it is also believed that he is planning to phase Dr. Rabbit back in as a mascot. Lets all pray to God that this is not true!

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