A lovely afternoon with the Cogs

A lovely afternoon with the Cogs

The Cogs (are sometimes) an evil group that consists of weird robots who do weird things and always try an destroy the strange place no one cares about known as Toontown. There are so many cogs that it would be to much space-taking to list them all in a heading,so here is a nice picture to satisfy your needs that you need They obviously dont like it when theres fun in TOontown,but they are fine with fun anywhere else and dont really try and stop anyone,they hat Toontown so much they were dumb enough to set of HQ's near areas of Toontown, Toons destroyed the HQ's shortly after,and the cogs ran away for a new plan.

The Great Cog Division

When the leaders couldn't sort out their cogs, (They mistakenly put a Telemarketer in the wrong suit one day) they decides to make 4 types of cogs,Lawbots,Sellbots,Cashbots and Bossbots.The CJ agreed to this law,then the Chairman agreed to it,then the law past. This meant all Cogs were to be separated to be in one group and do certain things and to make sure they were organized,there was never a cog in the wrong suit again.

The Day Cogs Tookover Toontown

On September 19th,2013, Cogs invaded Toontown in millions of numbers,the stupid Toons couldn't keep up and surrendered,then the bosses got to enjoy killing them all. Then they chopped off Fippys head and had a victory cheer,then they renamed Toontown into Cogtown. Today,Cogs roam around Cogtown killing any surviving Toons who assault Cogtown.

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