Clyde: The Stupid Ghost

Clyde is one of the Pac-Land Ghosts. He is the dumbest one, because he can not think, because he is stupid. He is so stupid, he's stupid! And that doesn't make sense! That's how stupid he is!

Clyde was some fat guy once. He was fat because of his addiction to food. Then, he ate too much food, and he died. He came back as a ghost, and joined the other colorful ghosts. They tell him to choose a name that rhymes with "Blinky", "Inky" and "Pinky". So, that idiot decided his name was Clyde.

He now haunts mazes with the other ghosts, and is always hungry for Pac-Man meat if he can get it. But, he is too stupid to get Pac-Man, so he never gets any.


  • He was almost once as fat as porky minch and Fatman COMBINED!!!!
  • He looks like a frog because Kermit the frog was his mother due to a freak accident that involved bronies and cheese
  • He once posed an operation to bring the downfall of the entire planet, his plan was to nuke McDanalds whhitch evrywone noez is where all food comes from,but he was 2 darn alot very FrEaKiNg dumb to realize that he was using a My Little Pony Equestria Girls Fluttershy doll as the bomb. So wehn he told the Nerds of the world to to cry to "der m0@wmz" Ronald McDonald came up to him and punched him in the crotch.
  • He is your FATHER!(or at least mybe your cousin.)
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