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We know you do Clippy. We know.


Clippy is the most annoying guy to ever be on a computer, next to Bonzi Buddy. Yes, he is even more annoying than Rick Astley and Annoying Orange. OVER 9000 people have signed a petition to have Clippy burnt at stake, but you can not burn a virtual paperclip at stake, so Clippy just keeps crapping on computers. He is a minion of WaBilly Mays.

Clippy was created by the Ancient Geeks in 1862 to help stupid people use Microsoft Office properly. They forgot that computers had not been invented yet, so Clippy was a lowly paperclip. But in 1994, Clippy was hired by Microsoft as an intern. Bill Gates realized how annoying Clippy was, and he came up with an evil plot a few years later. All he had to do was put Clippy on Windows 95, and Clippy would be so annoying that Everybody would go and buy the next computer just to get rid of Clippy.

21th Century Revolution


Delta Heavy - Ghost-0

Clippy hacking the Internet.

As of April 6, 2015, Clippy founded a group called the 21th Century Revolution. He and the members of this group hacked several servers causing havoc throughout the world for the petty reason that he cannot be downloaded on Windows 10. Here is a footage of Clippy destroying the 21th century.