Evil Mario

Classic Mario

Classic Mario is the true Original Mario from Super Mario Bros. He was the replacement for Jumpman after he died in 1982, when recapturing the giant ape Donkey Kong. His litte twerp of a son unlocked what was holding the girders up,  DK was caught by his son somehow, but the fall killed Jumpman. A year after Jumpman's death his son

Mario and His brother Luigi opened up a plumbing service in Brooklyn, they mosty were in the sewers Catching Shellcreepers, Fighterflies, Sidsteppers, and Slipice. This went on for two years until oneday they heard a cal for help down a pipe, The two plumbers investigated the sound. When they got out of the pipe they saw a magical world called, The Mushroom Kingdom. The plumber saw a Mushroom person and asked him what happend here, The Toad replied with a Tragic story about a fire breating monster named Bowser and his evil Koopa turtles, who turned most of the mushroom citizens to stone, and were holding the King,The Princess and seven Retainers Hostage.

The brave little plumber and his brother took off after bowser to save the princess. but seven castles had the Seven Mushroom Retainers after When he got to the eighth castle there was The Koopa King and behind him was the Mushroom King and Princess. Mario shot fireballs at Bowser but before the fatal blow Bowser hit Mario and he lost his fire powers. The Princess yelled Get the axe and cut the chain. the plumber did so but bowser jumped out of the lava charging aiming to kill Mario with his horns. King Toadstool jumped infront of Mario, taking the fatal blow from Bowser's horns Mario raised the axe high and hit Bowser who fell into the lava and died The King told  Mario and Luigi to take care of her and said goodbye to his daugher. Mario and Luigi vowed to protect of Princess Toadstool. and He carred her home.

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