Clangers is a kids show that aired on BBC 1, like all kid shows from the UnMultiverse, the stars of the show are EVIL, this show is about a organization of some odd species called Clangers, who plot on conquering the UnWorld, whilst disguising themselves as a "happy" family.

The logo.

Those Guys In Your TV Screen

  • Granny Clanger - The oldest recruit, she does nothing other than nap and knit.
  • Major Clanger - He is the one who holdes the cult together, he also makes weapons and robots to help the Clangers conquer UnWorld.
  • Tiny Clanger - The youngest, who spends her days making music, made to worship them when they make there empire.
  • Iron Chicken - A chicken made of scrap metal, he makes sure all of his scraps are safe.
  • Cloud - A shape shifting cloud, may I need to say more?


Season 1

  • Gullible Tiny - Tiny Clanger is tricked by Small Clanger that her music trees are dying, and is killed by a landmine.
  • Scrap Metal Heist - Major Clanger steals from the Iron Chicken, he barricades himself in his workshop hoping not to get caught.
  • Artificial Blue Strings - when they run out of Blue String for there pudding, the Clangers try to make artificial Blue String Pudding.
  • Soup Eruption - When the Clangers complain that theres not enough Soup, the Soup Dragon makes a soup volcano erupt, flooding the planet with soup, the Clangers must evacuate before they drown in it's yumminess.
  • One by One - The Clangers slowly disappear one by one, and discover where they go in the afterlife, only to be warped back.
  • Knitting Spree (Part 1) - Granny Clanger turns into a yarn bomber and starts to cover the planet in her knitted mess.
  • Locked Out - Major gets locked out, and blows the door down with dynamite.
  • Needle War - Tiny attacks Small with Granny's knitting needles in revenge for blowing her up.
  • Snow N Sympathy - When snow falls on the planet, the Clangers try to remove it with a steamroller.
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