All 5 main Clangers injecting poison into each other, which is disguised as a group hug.

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A primitive Clanger.

Clangers (Myrmecophaga Rosea) are the dominant species in the Estrella Starsystem, they were normal (?) aliens until the BBC got control over them. Clangers are monotremes, so they lay eggs, but are mammalian.

Fossils in asteroids show that Clangers have been floating around in space since the end of Triassic period, back then being small and, well, primitive, they couldn't even eat with their mouth, instead absorbing food through it's back, once they landed on their planet and ate some of the Primordial Mushrooms they developed a gizzard and started to eat like a normal... thing.

Clangers are currently elites in the Cbeebies Army since the debut of their show and currently maintain a bad empire.

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