Hyrule Castle in the outer mountain range of City of The King

The City of The King is the capital city of West Hyrule, and the hometown of all Hyrulian kings. This city is one of the largest in the entire UnWorld. It is the home of the Hyrule Castle and it is where the Hyrulian Painball team plays all of its home-games.

The City of The King was founded the day Hyrule was created. Back then, it was called Hyrule City. The First King of Hyrule built a school bus here, and said that was his castle. He boarded the bus, and wondered where his servants were. Then, a bus driver came, and took him far away. After he found his way back three months later, he made Hyrule City the capital, and his "helper" got him an actual castle.

Hyrule City remained the most powerful city in Hyrule for many many many years, all the way up to the Hyrulian Civil War. During the war, the Squadala Empire's army invaded Hyrule City, and they blew it up, and killed the King. Harkinian became the king, and he renamed it the City of The King, after his nickname "The King".

City of the King on a normal day. Notice the mass riots.

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