Full name: Cirno
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Blue
Eye color: Blue
Age: Over 60 years biologically, but physically a child
Species: Ice Fairy
Height: 4'3" (1.3 meters)
Death: Alive
AKA: BAKA 9, the Sin of Wrath
Likes: Anything that has to do with the number 9
Dislikes: Anything that has NOTHING to do with the number 9
Known For: Doing poorly with her math class, raging at her students

Cquote1 BAKA!!!!! Cquote2

Cirno (Japanese: チルノ) is an ice fairy obsessed with the number 9 for some odd reason.

She is also a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and represents the Sin of Wrath.

Cirno was also the thirty-sixth member of the Infinity Army chronologically until its demise.

Personality and Proval she is the Sin of Wrath

Cirno gets super angry over the tiniest things possible, and by an extent wants to kill them. She once had a math class, but she threatened to kill those who didn't end up with "9" as their answer (i.e. she killed those who ended with 2x3=6 and spared those who ended with 3^2=9).

This didn't help she is cold as ice (literally given she's an ice fairy) and says "Baka" ("Idiot" in Japanese) towards others; especially the innocents often.

All of that led her to join with Lord Shen and the rest of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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