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A glorious fruit packed with juice.

Chuckola Fruit is an elusive fruit found in the darkest forests. It is very sweet and is chalk full of juice, so much that a slight puncture to the skin can cause the juicy contents to gush out like a geyser, it is well known for being the main ingredient in Chuckola Cola.

There are 4 colors of a Chuckola Fruit, brown ones are the most common, and have a sweet flavor, red ones are rather robust, white ones are very tangy, and can be pretty bitter, yet pretty good and purple ones are very refreshing to the taste buds.

Chuckola Fruits grow deep in the canopy, and start off as small, blue blossoms in March, but soon mature enough to be the size of a pea. After 2 months, they fully mature into the full Chuckola Fruits you know and love today.

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