Chuckie Finster

A brave warrior.

Chuckie Finster is the most pathetic of the elite Nazi terrorist group, the Rugrats. He was one of the chosen Nazi babies who was called upon by Vendetta Williams during great crisis to defend Germany. Nobody knows why he is one of the chosen ones because he has no skill, no power, and no life.


Chuckie was born in a small German town in 1806 to Chaz and his first wife. As his father was Chaz, it was natural to believe Chuckie would be just as evil and delusional as him. It was also believed he had inherited his father's narcissistic Nazism. He was chosen by Vendetta Williams to be one of the Rugrats. She put a magic spell on him to make him young forever. He was then put under Commanding Officer Tommy Pickles.

After only four years, the War of 1812 broke out. Chuckie served bravely in the Siege of New York. After all, running around the city screaming at the top of his lungs for three days straight was quite a feat, even for a Nazi. Chuckie was awarded accordingly... not at all. Chuckie saw action in several battles since then. Being the wimp he was, he just peed his pants. It helped that he wasn't potty trained, but that's beside the point. Chuckie went through the entire war without accomplishing anything.

By the end of the war, Private First Class Finster had a grand total of zero kills. He wasn't even able to kill the ant that beat him up for his lunch money. Chuckie Finster was a disgrace to the German army. Tommy Pickles nearly had him executed for such patheticness. But the fool let him live.

In the outbreak of the War of 2012, Chuckie was the only Rugrat to not show up during the fighting. Instead, he continued hiding in Japan, where he was safe from all the stupid fighting and "scary shooty guns". He hid here until one day he got a message from his daddy. He was finally wanted at home! He returned straight away, only to realize it was a trick set up by Stu Pickles. Chuckie was killed and devoured by Stu on that day. A clone of Chuckie was made shortly afterwards to live on the legacy of the world's most pathetic Nazi.


Being the son of infamous killer Chaz, you would think Chuckie would have an ounce of evil in him. But you know what? He doesn't. Chuckie is the least evil Nazi the world has ever seen. In fact, he is only a Nazi at all because his daddy told him to. He tries to be evil in an attempt to impress his daddy, but he has yet to prevail. All he's done is embarrass his father, time and time again.

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