The Chuck Norriseegee Virus is a disease that is spread by Chuck Norriseegee. It can cause death and/or transformation into a Chuck Norriseegee clone.


The Chuck Norriseegee Virus will fully effect a person within fifty-two seconds, and its effects are devastating.

Three seconds: Your eyes will begin to look like Chuck Norriseegee's.
Thirty-two seconds: Your whole face looks like Chuck Norriseegee's. A handful of body features (e.g. hands) may become Norriseegeefied, too.
Fifty-two seconds: You become exactly like Chuck Norriseegee.

In some cases, a double-dose may cause even worse effects.

One minute, six seconds: You begin to hallucinate and your powers and mind change to fit Chuck Norriseegee
Four minutes: You get a fever and arms weaken.
Seven minutes, twenty-one seconds: Your nose begins to look like Le Happy Merchant's.
Fifteen minutes: Your arms and legs are immovable. You feel the way the Ugly Barnacle looks.
Twenty-nine minutes: Your face begins to melt and your body shrinks.
Thirty-seven minutes: All remaining hair you have turns purple and flies away.
Fifty minutes, five seconds: What remains of your head swells up and turns a turquoise color.
Sixty-nine minutes, thirty-two seconds: Your nose flies away.
Sixty-nine minutes, forty-seven seconds: Your nose explodes.
Seventy minutes: All your internal organs explode and you die.
Eighty minutes: Your corpse spontaneously combusts.
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