Chuck Norris sweat is an incredibly powerful substance only found by having Chuck Norris Roundhouse kicking another ultimate life form. When consumed, this powerful substance makes you grow a moustache, get HUGE biceps and grants you temporary invincibility. It was originally called Chuck Norris tears, except Chuck Norris never cries EVER! Not even when something really sad happens. It was created originally in the Norris Cenar Universe which is an alternate dimension Chuck Norris created to fight an epic duel with John Cenar. There is John Cenar sweat, but is nowhere near as potent as Chuck Norris sweat. It is told throughout legend (Waluigi) that combining Chuck Norris Sweat with John Cenar sweat will create a force so powerful, there will be a moustache etched throughout time, space and the multiverse, not to mention the strongest material in the Multiverse.

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