Christmas treer

A Tyipical Christmas Tree. it's so lovely!!

Christmas is a holiday where Santa Claus (also known as saint Nicholas) breaks into houses and gives Children presents. Christmas is like Halloween except more violent. The presents could be Bombs, it could be an AK-47 Or it might be a Magnum, You'll never know what presents you are going to get. HOW EXCITING!.

Christmas stuff

In almost every house on Christmas Eve, there is Toy Santas, Tinsel and ribbon, and sometimes, people giving presents to each other. The tinsel and ribbon are called Decorations which is Put up to make the place look fancy and festive! When the house is decorated, another house meets it and goes on a date with it.

They also have these things called "Christmas Three" and it's basically a tree with LOADS Of other decorations. Some of these decos include Little Balls that you hang on the tree and another one is little Three Decoration although it IS The tree their hanging it on. Most people put a star at the top which represents Jesus Christ's birthday And we celebrate it. But some people who don't have a star put an Angel at the top of the tree. Some people also put Lighting Bulbs on the tree
Sesame Street Oscar Hates Christmas

Sesame Street Oscar Hates Christmas

Oscar the Grouch dosent seem to like Christmas.


When the Teletubbies are ready for Christmas, They hang Tinky Winky on the tree by his antenna, and Sometimes Po, but they rarely do it Because she just slaps Dipsy and Laa-Laa in their faces when they hang Po up.

You love Christmas.

Victor Krabs died on Christmas 1995.

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