Cquote1 I will not have it! Cquote2

Oh NOES! It's him! Run for it! If this gets in the water... *takes off sunglasses* crap.

ChristianU2uber (Born as "Scott Mc. Mad Child") is a crazy religious 12-year old (or older) boy who alot of guys refer to him as an angry mislead kid. He does alot of things wrong and he rages alot in front of his camera, yelling at his haters. He is competing to be the next Hater of the Millennium in 3001, competing against Rageguy.


ChristianU2uberwas born inside a mental institution, whose mom lived with him for 4 years there, before moving into an okay house. A few weeks after he turned twelve, ChristianU2uber got his own computer with a webcam built-in. He tried to shape people's beliefs, but ended up admitting he used to be a...well, angry mislead kid, which caused alot of internet guys to make fun of him, in which caused him outrage, which started his infamous path to torment and humiliation.

Online attacks

He wuz bashed alot by teh haters, calling him a "Missy", and so-called "copying and pasting" his videos. After being overwhelmed, he decided to unleash him anger online with a video. After a series of rage, laffs, and ROFLCopters, the F.B.I. came to his house, threatened him to close his account before he destroys the internet with his nerd rage, or else they would have no choice but to blow him to pieces with a SPAS-12 straight from Italy. Realizing what sludge he put himself in, he agreed to close his account, and therefore, the madness ceased.


He yells "I will not have it!" at things he doesn't agree with, and throws stuff at people like a raging animal on cactus juice. When he's on the computer, he sends threats to his humiliators, like for example, beating him/her up. He once accidentally killed a proffesional tennis player during one of his rampages.


  • He is crazy like the Angry German Kid, although not crazy enough to kill him, as the Angry German Kid always beats him up.
  • He can't think well, and makes up dumb statements, just like Giygas does.
  • He makes babies cry alot.
  • He is NOT very interested in Toads.
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