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Chomper while eating somebody

The Chomper

Gender: Male
Hair color: Pinkish spikes
Eye color: Doesn't even have any.... XD
Species: Venus Flytrap
Home: Crazy Dave's House
Likes: Eating Zombies
Dislikes: Getting killed by Zombies
Known For: Eating s***

Chomper is a venus flytrap who likes eating Zombies. He likes shoving his tongue up Joseph Stalin's a**.

Chomper sometimes reads 4chan, and decided to join the 4chan club. He's Mike Wazowski's favorite plant. Randall Boggs made fun of Chomper just because he thought that he looks like an eyeless, armless, and legless version of him that has horns and is plant-like rather than animalistic.

Chomper is also compassionate for his fellow friend of Peashooter.

He's classified as a "cannibal" since he eats Zombies, which are undead forms of humans.

Chomper later joined Pepsiman's clan, the Pepsi Republic, located in the western half of Antartica (The Satanist Empire occupying the eastern half nowadays).

He;s actually great friends with Piranha Plant.

He Hated the Cola~Cola Bear

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